OneNet™ CAD

OneNet™ CAD is designed to enable incident managers and dispatchers to efficiently perform their jobs with speed and accuracy. It captures incident details, prioritizes incidents and identifies the most appropriate resources to respond to each incident. The incident details are accessible through our OneNet™ Analytics Dashboard throughout the organization. The OneNet™ Engine allows you to work quickly and efficiently without worrying about data loss or disruption.

Feature Set

Cloud Based

PaaS solution built to work with major Cloud Service Providers

Focus in One Area

Our UX/UI experience allows the user to keep their focus where it matters the most to deliver fast, efficient action

Incidents Management

Quick and precise handling of incidents is accomplished through system configuration to handle a wide range of business work flows

Resource Management

Our basic to complex resource management options allow us to work anywhere

Configurable Layouts

We offer a wide range of configurable layout options to fit the needs of individual users

Map Integration

Our fully integrated mapping solution gives the user information at a click

Configurable Alerts

Alerts (Timers) are highly configurable to meet your needs

User/Role Based Security

Our security setup allows users to be granted or denied access to many items within our system

ProQA Platinum Certified

Our 100% Web-based product integrates flawlessly with ProQa

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Product Administration

Our feature-rich administration tool allows the user to make modifications quickly and easily.

Analytics & Reporting

Our flexible analytics dashboards and report modules allow for quick access to the needed info required in your day-to-day operations.